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Through focusing on the business needs of organization we share our best practices and experience.








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Each step of managing change in organizational culture is carefully planed and alligned with organizations strategy, vision and Metrics4Innovation™ analysis.

Through focusing on the business needs of organisation we share our best practices and experience.

Our objective is to help leaders and management to maximize own creativity, strategic thinking and innovation ability. We put effort to design process that will sustainably forter that ability, but also that will enable exploitation of external sources of innovation.
Our methods are based on the most effective and contemporary principles: appreciative inquiry, gamification, design thinking, collaboration tools and digital platforms, leveraging subculture and creating ambassadors for innovation, internal and external hackathons, idea contensts, dogfooding, innovation days, labs and garage for innovation...

Special dish that belongs to our most powerful set of tools is technological scouting. It was develoiped to ensure that external sources of knowledge flow within organzational baundaries. Tech scouting, therefore, ensures the most effective use of external sources for innovation. It enables your organization to become opened for search and research of new opportunities.    

How do we manage change process?

Our solution creates  ​Metrics4Innovation™​​ score that measures your innovation ability and allows precise decision making.     
We have developed different tools, metrics and methods to help your transformation process.      
​Metrics4Innovation™​ is data intelligence solution which allows pinpointing pain points in organization to drastically increase its innovation ability. 
Learn what those essential tools are.
Organizational culture for innovation is  developed, controlled and sustained with a unique concept of complete innovation process. It is accheaved through customised use of innovation tools that we developed as a social and technical technologies to specifficaly enable innovation and culture to be implemented and measured. 

Who and what to target within organization?

We have developed ​​Metrics4Innovation™ approach that allows advanced algorithmic analysis of organizational culture that is so crucial for process of transformation. At the beginning of change process, it is used to assess each business unit motivation, the need for information, education or even informant’s beliefs. Metrics4Innovation™ helps leadership to choose among business units, those units that will form initial alliance and to discover subculture of employees that will lead the way for a change.
In change process, among other formal and informal groups, we involve subcultures, particularly subculture of innovators, because it can be associated to higher productivity and profitability, and bias total culture in that direction.​​
Metrics4Innovation™ as the holistic tool encompases other relevant elements to change organization.   It takes into account organizational culture as well as technological aspect of innovation,  giving insight to whole organization innovation ability. Such approach ensures that proper decisions  and strategies are employed with objective to increase competitiveness of the company. 
We analyse your organizational culture, strategic objectives, organization and other relevant parameters to give you simple and usable score on your innovation ability.     
Easy to use
Main inputs are analysed with ​Metrics4Innovation™​ mathematical algorithm, to provide precise and accurate score for each measured parameter.  
We can:
  • Isolate and pair most innovative and productive business units within your organization.
  • Find best strategies for market disruption or stady incremental innovation.
  • Determine how to precisely and intelligenty deploy current and future technologies.
  • ​Precisely guide you to the next step of the change process.

What is yours Metrics4Innovation™ score?

Metrics4Innovation™ is holistic set of analytical tools that describes how well is organization's innovation strategy alligned to organizational culture, and technological aspects relevant to organization's competitiveness. Those tools involve estimation of your innovation process with respect to weather it is long or short, opened or closed. Resulting composite index we call Metrics4Innovationc™ score.  It has been tested and applied on real world cases.
   We already helped large industry to:
increase innovation ability by up to 87% measured by Metrics4Innovationtm score.

Innovation dimension
We already helped large industry to:
increase innovation ability by up to 87% measured by Metrics4Innovation score.

Within 18 months the company managed to initiate many disruptive projects, started spin-off companies,
collected hundreds of innovative ideas and  changed organizational culture drastically.

Advertasing and positioning
Eco innovations
Metrics4Innovation score improvement
   Once we start our journey we use analysis of processes and Metrics4Innovation™ to propose the most efficient set of tools and methods among those available from our tested set of methods.

Methods to shape culture for innovation.

Once we start our journey toward culture for innovation, we use analysis of processes (long/short, opened/closed) and Metrics4Innovation™ to propose the most efficient set of tools and methods among those available from our tested set of methods.
Those methods address many parts of organizational environment and are based on our unique experience and know-how. 
 There are 3 levels we apply our tools to:
  • strategy and business model innovation,
  • business prototyping creating with stakeholders (co-creation),
  • process and platform innovation.

Framework for acheiving change 

Framework for acheiving change with our set ofme thod, starting with evaluation, strategizing, targeting and executing programmed set of activities.
Innovation is the result of action.

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