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Consultancy & education 
Speeches & events
   We have developed a range of services that foster efficient achievement of  Culture4Innovation™, the strategic objective of the organization that ensures improved innovation ability and performance.

Consultancy and education
We have developed a range of services that foster efficient achievement of  Culture4Innovation™, the strategic objective of the organization that ensures improved innovation ability and performance. Those are:

Workshops for innovation
Transferring essential knowledge on innovation:

  • Learn what innovation is and how to instantly apply it to the organization?
  • Learn what culture for innovation and long innovation process is and how to create it in your organization,
  • Learn how to focus your effort to increase innovation ability.

Innovation leadership development
Leaders and culture are inseparable and dependent on values and beliefs that leaders share with organization. It is important to build innovation platform at this level, and we offer:

  • Culture for innovation audits,
  • Developing teams and organization,
  • Training and coaching for leaders,
  • Leaverageing selected subculture and developing ambassadors for innovation.

HR tools and collaboration platforms
HR tools and collaboration platforms addressing population of employees with objective to change mind set and culture. This tools help communicate innovation culture to management and mainstream employee population.
We offer:

  • Massive and micro events based on appreciative inquiry, ensuring painless shift of mind set,
  • Internal hackathons and dogfooding,
  • Defining, structuring and implementing collaboration and ideation platform that is based on business rather than IT point of view,

Executive service
We offer non-executive directors and chairpersons, training and coaching programmes to prepare executives for the digital era and second opinions on strategic issues and decision-making.
Labs for innovation and technology scouting

That ensures most effective use of external sources of innovation. It enables your organization to become opened for search and research of new opportunities.
We offer:
  • Development of technology tools, that helps determine the technological strategy for the organisation,
  • Search for specific technologies for your organization,
  • Think tank consisted out of world-class experts,
  • Hackathons for external participants,
  • Specialised conferences for external stakeholders that are involved in an innovation process.

Innovation process training and implementation
We help to develop and sustain the whole process within the organization. It is a result of joint effort of all stakeholders involved. When implemented it ensures formal elements such as regulation of innovation activities on the organizational level, pecuniary and non-pecuniary incentives for innovators, the organisational structure that supports innovation. 

Innovation metrics
We help define the right measure for determining success in implementing innovation platform.
Through strategizing we set   Strategic Wants that involve organizational culture, changes in the levels of products, services or business model, organization:

  • Measuring Metrics4Innovation™ score,
  • Impact on the level of business model and  technology,
  • Impact on HR and organizational culture level

   ​We worked with large industry to develop new capability to innovate not only in products but also in business model and marketing and to become disruptive towards old ways.     
Knowledge management and digital learning strategy
By using best practices in knowledge management and eLearning development, we help you to retain the knowledge capital within your organization to perform better and more efficiently, both on the business front and in-house.
We help you to develop a strategic foundation when digital learning or knowledge management (KM) solutions are planned and developed. 

If you are innovation manager, developing innovation processes in an organisation, or you are an independent consultant, we offer you an opportunity to share success and advantages of our standardized and most efficient set of methods to change and sustain an organisational culture for innovation.
Professionals- By finishing our academy, you will be accredited with our Culture4Innovation accreditation to use both Metrics4Innovation and Culture4Innovation methods. You will become a part of a global group of licensed practitioners, and gain education on cutting-edge social and technical technologies.
Organisations- Accredited organisations can through Culture4Innovation™ accreditation prove the adoption of advanced innovation processes for both, human resource and organisational levels. Metrics4Innovation™ certify organisations in use of advanced metrics that allows organisations to measure processes and organisational objectives related to innovation.  Both of those accreditations can be implemented simultaneously in the same organisation. 

With our accreditation  you will become a part of global group of licenced practicioners

Speeches & events
We give you unforgettable keynote speeches and events that will motivate your management and employees, and apply cutting-edge social technologies. We also can organize energizing and inspiring events that are based on appreciative inquiry bringing you closer to achieving efficient innovative organizational culture.
We give you unforgettable key note speeches and events that will motivate your management and employees.

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