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Our mission and beliefs
About us
Being result driven and  committed to creating visible and sustainable value, we help you grow in innovation.
By bringing our  exceptional cross-industry knowledge to the business community, we help organizations to drive innovations.
Meet The Team
  1. Emir Dzanic
    Emir is expert in area of innovation, and connects advanced social and technological knowledge to achieve sustainable innovation through Open innovation and organizational culture change.
  2. Snjezana Slabek
    Snjezana is a passionate and engaging proffesional who thrives on empowering people to see new ideas and business opportunities. Especially skilled at knowledge and innovation management, HR, digital learning, gamification.
  3. Darko Kantoci, Ph.D.
    Darko is credited with the development of a new equation for separation efficiency and pattern recognition algorithm. This data intelligence solution drastically increases innovation ability.
  4. Muhamed Catic
    Muhamed is a strategic advisor, with a strong interest in sustainability within circular economy and long-standing business experience in the MENASA, ASEAN, and CENTRAL EUROPE regions.
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Our awards and accomplishments
As a team we have a range of interanational prizes, certifications, recognitions. We are especially proud of the first national prize "Best HR practice" on the implementation of the innovation system in a large company.  We are constantly investing in our education  and hold a series of international certificates and additional educations in the fields of knowledge and innovation management, training, digital learning, event management etc.

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We keep focus on: 

  • company culture
  • employee driven innovation
  • open and sustainable innovation
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