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Sustainable and open innovation development.

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Unleash your creativity.
Focus on innovation.

Sustainable and Open Innovation development for organizations.

Become a disruptive innovator by painlessly managing change in the organization!
  1. Reduce cost
    Direct costs: more efficient innovation process, less poorly targeted HR activities. Indirect cost: lost sales due to poor innovation efficiency for the market.
  2. New products to the market
    Get new products to market quicker and with better value propositions: market advantage over competitors that are limited to incremental innovation, Earlier sales revenue for better products.
  3. Unleash potential for innovation
    Our method will unleash innovative potential within your organisation. It will encourage employees and support diversity. Increased employee motivation, creativity, and autonomy lead to innovative solutions!


Holistic approach 
Culture4Innovation is a holistic approach to managing innovations in the organization. By focusing on people, processes and technology, we can initiate and implement a highly effective innovation process within your organization! 

It is expensive not to innovate.

Become Disruptive Innovator by Painlessly Managing Change in Organization
Our solution creates  a Metrics4Innovationtm score that measures your innovation ability and allows precise decision making. 
 It   is a data intelligence solution which allows pinpointing pain points in organization to drastically increase its innovation ability.      
Innovation process


There are innovators within your organization that you are not aware of.
We help you find and support them.

They will bring the changes you seek. 
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There are innovators and solutions beyond boundaries of your company.
We can help you develop ability to scout for them. 
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Tools & acreditations
   Once we start our journey toward building culture for innovation, we use analysis of processes (long/short, opened/closed) and Metrics4Innovation™ data to propose the most efficient set of tools.​​
Selected methods address many parts of organizational environment and are based on our unique experience and know-how.
We use different concepts, methods and approaches for driving innovation in large and small organizations.
  1. Creative workshops
    Creative workshops
    A set of creative strategies used by designer to match consumer needs with what is feasible from technologically and business perspective.
  2. Gamification
    We use game-design elements in a business context to motivate engagement and participation.
  3. Appreciative inquiry
    Appreciative inquiry
    Appreciative inquiry is a positive approach to change in organizations. The philosophy is to build on strengths rather than focus on weaknesses, exploiting opportunities and moving toward desired future. It is aimed at changing minds and behaviour.
  4. Clinical approach
    We engage actively in each project and share all dilemmas with you .
Knowledge management and digital learning strategy  
KM processes directly improve organizational processes, such as innovation, collaborative decision-making, and individual and collective learning. 

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Open innovation
    We believe in open approach toward innovation, and that use of external sources for innovation can bring better solutions. Availability of new solutions and ideas is much higher when external sources for innovations are utilised.  
Organizational culture is essential in any change and transformational process. It is important supportive element for all described concepts, bringing values that are essential for disruptive, open and sustainable innovation. 
Business model and disruptive innovation
Circular economy
    Principles of sustainability should be embedded to all innovation processes and drive harmony between company and society.  If those principles are used at the beginning of innovation process then they will shape  the nature of innovation and embed sustainability as the value proposition from beginning.
Fundamental rethinking of business model around customer need is essential for business survival. It's sucess depends on  how well are   processes, resources and profit alligned with new value proposition.  
Using engaged and clinical approach we change your organization to achieve culture for innovation and high Metrics4Innovation™ score.
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